Thursday, October 15, 2009

SOUNDS -- Please put and end to this

So I am now forced to do 2 posts in one day. I just got assignment 3 for our Field Trial site. This one was a bit of a joke, but it did touch on something. I have actually been hearing about this lately in the news as well. I thought it was ridiculous, but now that I was forced to take part in something related, I feel like I have to speak up.

I had 1 post in my online Field Trial journal ....

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I now have 2 posts in case they ignored the first one.
Ok, I was not going to post here but on my blog, but this may warrant a post on both. PLEASE, PLEASE, PLEASE DO NOT add sounds to our cars. People dont get hit by bicycles. That is why human beings have more than 1 sesnse.....OPEN YOUR EYES and you wont get hit by a car. If you wander out into traffic, sounds or not, YOU ARE GOING TO GET HIT BY A CAR.....

This is rediculous. I have heard mention of this lately in the news as well and please let us know who we need to contact to put and end to this.

Should our cars have special scents as well?
Should we coat them in sandpaper in case anyone wants to avoid traffic by touch?
Should they taste bad?

PLEASE put and end to this...

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