Wednesday, October 7, 2009

NO!!! Don't open that.......

So last night I was showing off the MINI-E to some tech savvy friends who had never heard of the program and were very interested that I was driving a fully electric car. The shouts of "How do I get one?" were strong before they even looked at the car. So after taking them outside to see #269, I had the hood open and was talking about something when I hear "SNAP"...... I almost dove onto the electronics assembly box to stop him, but good old Keith had snapped open the right clasp to the gold box. "NO!!, STOP!!" and I got him in time to stop him from breaking the little plastic lock on the left side clasp. I had to show him the paper thin plastic lock that he didn't even realize that he had broken off that is still attached to the one side.

So sorry MINI, you can tell it was never opened, but maybe there is something a little more secure than that if you really don't want it open. A twist tie would have worked better. I can say that I would not have been horrified if he had snapped it off because I would have liked a look, but I did my part as a good pioneer. It's going in Friday for the 3 month service (just shy of 3k miles) so they can put two little locks on there next time to stop my nosey friends if I'm a little slow on the draw next time.


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