Friday, October 9, 2009

#269 in for 3 month service - loaner envy

So I dropped #269 off for it's 3 month service this morning. It is just under 3k miles and running great. I am expecting a quick service visit. When I called for my appointment last week I asked if I would be able to get a loaner as I drive into Manhattan each day now from NJ. They said no loaner but they would arrange for a rental. The very nice woman from Enterprise came and "picked me up" from Morristown Mini and about halfway back I asked if this was my rental car. Answer, yes.

Wow. A Suzuki, Tiber..Tiger,,, I'm not quite sure what it is, with 36k miles on it. If I read the contract right they are getting the BMW discount of about $30/day all in. Once again, I have to say.... Mini, please remember we are paying $850/month. To quote Seth and Amy "REALLY Mini?, REALLY???"

I'm going to have to flip over to another window to see if I can find out what kind of car this actually is, but it is what I would imagine a car would be if CostCo made cars. The parts that are required are all there, but it doesn't quite feel like a whole car.

Let's see...
I guess this could be it. I'm guessing on the year based on the miles, but it's the only 4 door they made (not anymore) so I guess it's it. The wonderful Forenza.

So for you folks who have BMW dealers attached to your Mini dealers.... Congrats. you don't want to know what your missing. But don't be cross if I skip over the blog post about the Z4 loaner you got for the weekend. :-(

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  1. Great post,

    I went from a Mini-E to a Mini-Van, a kia something or the other. All the BMW's being serviced got bimmer loaners, Me, a Kia something van.

    Hey it was wheels until I got the Mini-E back and that was good enough, good but not great.