Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Failed to Charge

So this morning I came out for the second time in a week to find that the MINI-E connected to the 30A charging station had not charged at all overnight.

I have my ritual in the morning where I enter all of the current stats into my journal before I leave for work. I recharge every night. About a week ago, I came out and found that the car had not charged overnight. It was a Saturday, so I had plenty of time to correct the mistake. I assumed that I had not seated the charger correctly. So I have been paying attention in the evening when I plug in the charger that I see the dashboard charging indicator come on so I know I have a good charge.

When I came out this morning and read the charger meter for my journal entry, I got in the car and found that the meter had not moved from the prior day. When I started the car, sure enough I was at 58% charge. and this is how I left for work this morning. This is plenty of charge for me to do a round trip to work, but I am now a little suspicious that something else may be going on here and I don't know what. I will be paying double close attention to the charging indicator now when I park for the night and if I have another problem, I will place a call. But #269 just went in for it's 3 month service and they turned it around in 1 day, so I assume everything is tip top on the car. I guess there could be an issue with the charging station?? If it happens again, you will hear about it here.

Anyone else have a similar issue?


  1. I had sort-of a similar issue when I first picked up #156 - but the charging light on the dash wouldn't come on AT ALL. It was a bad PEU.

    Sounds more like a charger or electric-supply problem - maybe you're getting "dirty power" or transient spikes, and the system is shutting down to protect itself? May want the CFCI guys to check it out

  2. Michael,
    Is the red light or the green light on the charger lit when you go to the car the next day? You are the third person that I've heard that the car suddenly wont accept a 220v charge. They all said that the 110v charge would work though. All had to get new Peu's installed. I have had the box occasionally go into protection mode (red light) and stop charging, but that's a supply issue and nothing to do with the car. Hope you figure it out.

  3. Mike

    Just got mine back from service for the same issue. Sometimes it would charge, sometimes it would start and then stop after blinking 5 to 10 times. They found trouble codes and replaced the magic box. (Again. A couple months ago it completely stopped charging.)

    Do not hesitate to take it in! Too many bloggers are reporting problems and they just put up with them. Service is GREAT. And they NEED to see the issues, that is what this whole study is for!

    Hey can you add a link to my blog?

  4. Jim, thanks for the info. I will call service and let them know.