Monday, May 31, 2010

LAST POST - end of the experiment

CONCLUSION: Loved it!!!!

So here we are a year later. I can say that I am very happy that I participated in the program. I would certainly do it again. And to whoever is the next driver of #269, enjoy. I tried to take good care of her.

I have not heard anything about how they plan to spruce them up and turn them around. But with just over 8k miles on it, #269 still has a lot to give. Whoever is out there thinking that they have some extra money burning a whole in their pocket and are interested to learn about the electric car thing first hand, I would say "Go for it, You will not regret it".

I will be calling tomorrow to schedule my pick up. The official date is the 12th, but since I just leased a new car, they will likely get it back a few days early.

Really the only reason that I did not extend my participation was the $$. Not that I am opposed to paying that much for a car, but I told myself before the price came out that it would need to stand on it's own for me to participate. In my head I said that number was about $500. I am not sure of even that would have done it though. After shopping around a bit for a replacement daily driver I got a great deal on a MB C300 4MATIC. With 5k down I am paying $321 a month will all maintenance for 3 years/10k mi. Based on this years milage that will be plenty.

So $600/mo for a 2 seater with no real amenities or a fairly loaded MB for $321 ?? Like I said, it needed to stand on its own. I know there will be gas and some out of pocket maintenance is likely, and I did put some money down. But even if they were both $600/mo (which is a lot to add to the MB) one is a little 2 seater mini. Did I mention two small kids (1 and 3)???

When I got into this last year, my hope was that when this was over there would be a production electric version of something available. Since I dont feel like shelling out for the Tesla roadster, it was back to ICE. I am certain that in June of 2013 there will be several options then and I will certainly be leaning toward a BEV. They may have even started making the Tesla S by then.

So to those who have decided to continue on, congratulations and I know that you will enjoy your upcoming year as much as we ALL have enjoyed this past one.

Mike Graham