Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Tired of getting pulled over

So it is not nearly as bad as the title. I actually started ot very proud of myself. I commute every day through the Holland Tunnel, which has a useful HOV lane. As a ZEV (NJ term for Zero Emission Vehicle) ,I am allowed to use the HOV lane, really the only perk during commuting time. Last week I was sitting in traffic and in my mirror I could see the Port Authority officer approaching my vehicle. He tapped on the window and asked if there was a reason I was driving alone in the HOV lane. "Yes officer, this is a Zero Emission Vehicle and I am allowed to use the HOV lane." "Zero Emission?" "Yes, an all electric car, no gasoline" "Oh, and that carries over for our facility?" "Yes" (a smile) ..... license and registration (I guess while he had me stopped, no biggie). "OK, go on"

Actually, I was feeling quite proud at the time. Everyone learned something. Just another person that we are spreading the word to as EV pioneers.

Then, the next day...... and then this morning.... at some point I am going to want to just get to work. I'm sure after a while they will all have stopped me and it will be fine. Maybe the PA can have some kind of info sharing. All in all, not so bad.

I also got questioned by another Mini owner in traffic about the car. "Is it new?"

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