Sunday, July 5, 2009

NJ mini-E friendly car wash

This post will only be interesting to the half dozen or so folks who live in Essex County...

So I had been putting off going to a car wash with all the rain and the stern warning about undercarriage spray when I picked the car up. As I was driving around in Maplewood today I came across a new hand wash car wash. Pull in the garage and a team of people and a hose wash the car. This is new for our area (at least to me). They said they have only been there 3 months and I got the manager very intrigued by the electric Mini. As well as the person in the garage who turned off the car trying to turn it on because he didn't know it was already on.

Anyway, I'll keep the plug to a minimum, I have nothing to do with this place other than I am glad that I found it. The address is 1830 Springfield Ave in Maplewood. Across from Burger King. I'll include the Google map link here...

#269 looks a lot better today.


  1. Thanks!! What did they charge?

  2. Well, needless to say in car-crazy California these are everywhere - good thing for my Mini E, we have one right in our parking structure at work. Make sure to ask for de-ionized water to impress them with your savvy!

  3. sschibuola, I will try that. I dont think they will have any idea what I'm talking about. Which car # is yours? Keeping a blog?

    cneff, they only charged $11. pretty reasonable to me.

  4. $11 is really good - thanks for the tip