Friday, July 3, 2009

Wall charger activation scheduled for Tuesday

I was contacted by the company installing the new wall charger cable that mine could be installed this coming Tuesday. So I will be working from home Tueday to be her for this. When my wall charger was installed my power company PSE&G also installed a blank for an additional meter for them to track the usage of electrity. I was told it was so they could gauge the imapct on demand if this electric car thing catches on. I think they should pay attention to what it says because I am pretty convinced that 24 months from now they will have a broad new demand that they dont have today.

After an email to PSE&G to let them know that my cable install was scheduled for Tuesday, I just got a reply that they would also be here Tuesday to install the meter in the blank on the wall.

So starting Tuesday night I should be rapid charging. Which also means I will be garage sharing with my wife as I wont need to hog the garage every night to top off. I am driving about 35 miles a day round trip to work and 12A charging every night. Each day I lose a little less than 10% off the top with this routine. So by Friday I am pretty low when I get home from work. I dont think I could live much further out and still make the trip all week. I understand what some other drivers are saying about having to skip days to top off.

More soon....

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