Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Front Suspension Noise

It may just be that I am noticing more noises with the quiet car, but the front suspension has seemed very noisy over the last few days. At any little bump I hear some good groans from under the front of the car. Not to mention a little rattling sound. It does not sound like anything is going to fall off, but it just seems noisier than I would expect.

Nothing to make me stop driving every day. It can certainly wait until the first service visit. But I will be surprised if I hear that there is nothing wrong.

Anyone else have a noisy front end?

#269 will be at the Project Green event tonight in Manhattan. The event is actually only 3 blocks from where I park every day, so it wont be a very long drive. Hope to see some of you there tonight.


  1. No front end noise but I do hear creaks and noises coming from the back area of the car when we drive over speed bumps.

  2. When I drive over a speed bump at maybe 10-15 mph, I get an ugly scraping/cracking sound... so I slow to almost 5 mph now. I have not looked underneat yet.

    Tim, #486

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  5. Mike, I have Mini-E #413 in Central NJ. I too had a noisy front end. After my 1st week with the car the flying doctors had to take a look. I was told that there was a bolt that was not torqued properly in the front end. It's been OK for a month now but I recently started hearing something again

  6. Michael, I would head back in again. Not something you want coming loose, and I can say that mine as pretty annoying. It's got to be a Mini thing (not unique to the E). I hope they get it fixed for you. Do you keep a blog for #413?