Tuesday, June 23, 2009

First recognition, mileage envy

So as I was entering the Holland Tunnel last night on my way home I heard a beeping coming from the car next to me and there was a rolled down window in a large (Suburban sized) SUV. He asked if it was an electric car. So in the middle of traffic trying to stop and go enter the tunnel I had my first recognition of the car. The driver of the SUV seemed genuinly surprised that this was an all electric car...."It's all electric? really? no gas at all?"

I think from his elevated vantage point he could see the large plug graphic on the roof. I have opted not to ge tthe side graphics added later, but it was nice to finally have the car recognized by someone totally unaware of the program.

Just topped 200 miles yestreday, had to go out of town last week, so limited driving. Plus my daily commute is just about 35 miles. But the good news is that this is just far enough to top off my charge with 110v when I get home and be able to make it through the entire week commuting. So Mini, please, no rush on the 230V cable, you can put me low on the list. I will gladly trade off making the monthly payment for using the 110v cable. I can see how for most people the range limitations of the 110v cable are a restriction to extended use, so I count myself lucky.

I travel in real stop ang go traffic for most of my commute, through there are brief periods of 65-70 travel as well. Welcome to NJ. But I am not seeing the "extended range" of stop and go benefit that I thought. My napkin calculations are still putting me right at the 100 mile range. I'll be honest though, I a not fixating on the numbers or "efficient driving style" . When traffic allows I am really enjoying the torque steer level of acceleration. I am assuming that Mini will be able to capture the data they need without me. If the range gets to be an issue, I am sure I will start paying more attention.

I wish there was a charger equipped Mini dealer in central Ct. My family is in Hartford and I would love to be able to bring the car up there. My house to my parents house is 137 miles of mostly all highway driving. When I signed up for the program, I was really hoping that the 150 mile range they talked about was achievable, but for a drive like this it seems to be out of the question based on mine and other pioneers experience.

Has anyone topped 120 miles on a single charge yet? I am curious how far people have pushed it yet. Drop me a comment and let me know how far you have gone on 1 charge.


  1. Nice post. #092 here. I had my first recognition of the car yesterday when someone asked me what the symbol meant. Other than that nobody has noticed a difference.

    I have not been able to get past the approximate 100 mile mark. I however have been trying hard to maximize my extended use, almost a game to me to see if I can get the % available to tick up slightly. So far have not succeeded in much past 100. I'd love to take it to the Palm Springs area which is about 120 miles east but don't dare yet until I get a better feel and a 110 cable!

    Happy Motoring!

  2. I'm not far from the Port Jefferson - Bridgeport ferry. According to Google Maps, Hartford is about 60 miles from me if you use the ferry. Once we all get the high voltage cords, you should be able to get a quick top off on the way to my house, fill up here, use the 110V cord at your family in Hartford over night and go back the same way. That should be a fun trip.


  3. I think I am getting close to 120 though I have not actually gone a full 120 all at once. Yesterday I did 38.6 miles and I was at 68% or 70 miles left, I was not kind to the car. Today 43 miles and had 63% left (forgot to check miles left) So far so good.

  4. I have #458 and a 120 mile daily commute. I plug in at work. Usually I have about 30 miles of estimated range remaining when I get home. The best I have done when driving gently (average below 35 mph for 60 miles) is 40% estimated charge consumed over 60 miles. Most of the time my top speed is around 50 mph, I average 40 mph (maybe 45 if you leave out the lights when I get into town) and estimated range is almost 120 miles. I drive back roads that are quite hilly. I have not calculated the total amount of climbing yet. I'll start blogging soon and post it when I do.