Monday, June 22, 2009


So in this week's Mini-E Plugged-In update the good folks at Mini let me (and I am guessing a few others) know that the auto-neutral hill issue was not an issue at all. And after trying it this morning it appears to be correct. Aparrantly the answer was avilable all the time hiding out on page 72-75 of the Owners Manual.

My bad. Thanks for the pointer.

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  1. Don't feel to bad I missed it too. I actually laughed at myself when I got that Plugged-In update. Up until that morning, when my wife asked me about the car rolling back, I had just been using heel/toe method without thinking. Of course, to be honest, I still tend not to use the Hill assist.. it works very well but I think i don't fully trust it yet subconsciously :)