Friday, June 5, 2009

Unfortunately nothing to report

After getting my charger unit instaled exactly a week ago, I was kind of hoping to hear something about some next steps. I even politely pinged my Mini dealer rep to let her know that this step had been completed. I haven't heard about any East Coast MINI-E deliveries, so I don tthink I am missing out. But after a week it would have been good to hear something.

It has been great seeing all the new blog's popping up. If you are a metro NY / NJ derive (any really), I would be glad to link your blog to mine as well. I have enjoyed reasing the experiences of the few people who have them already. Making me more jumpy all the time. On one blog I read something about trucks arriving on the east coast the 2nd week in June. Well that is in 3 days, so more fingers crossed.

While I am sure it will be common for the "pioneers" to keep an active communication channel, I think it would be great to see some blogs from some of the key MINI-E engineering folks as well as the BMW Project i folks to see how they are percieving our experiences. A little quid-pro-quo...

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