Friday, June 12, 2009

Project attention - impressive

So I aded a little stat counter on my blog (stole idea form someone else)

And I just looked at some of the stats that it keeps. I am sure that my blog is getting only "average" attention as there has been no exposure other than my family and fellow bloggers. Though I did just realize from the stats that a google search of "mini-e nj" does return my site.

"the new phonebook is here....I'm somebody"

Well one of the items is a map of recent visitors, surprise, surprise...

I had no idea that this broad an audience was interested. I expected some metro NY / California and maybe a few family locations.

Project i folks, I think you are on to something....


  1. Michael,

    I found Google Analytics to be a useful (and easy) tool to use to monitor traffic to my blog:

  2. I'm using Google analaytics too, dont know it it can export the mapview like yours. Can anyone explain why someone in IRAN was reading my blog?

  3. I was tracking my visitors via my click-counter, but the map I embedded seems more accurate. on the other hand, it doesn't seem to refresh very often...