Friday, June 4, 2010

OK One More Post

I found this today and snapped it up. I was actually searching for an R56 Mini Die Cast in our dark Grey Metallic color so I could fashion my own stickers and make a Mini E facsimile as a memento. I guess I can save the pattern and exacto work.

Maybe I am the only guy who hasn't figured out that these existed, but I am glad I found this. I can think of a way that they could have sold 500 of these. Make 500 of these and ask us. I am pretty sure every single pioneer would have shelled out the extra dough for the mini Mini. I can't wait to see if it has the battery box where the back seat should be.

Anyway, the flatbed arrives on Wed the 9th. I will likely make at least one more post with the parting flatbed photo.


  1. browse ebay for "greenlight mini" i have seen a couple of them.

    BTW, It is not our exact car. It has a back seat.