Tuesday, June 8, 2010

I can't drive - 63

Sorry, I couldn't resist the Sammy Hagar reference. It doesn't come up that much.

So on the eve of returning #269 to it's maker it has come up with a parting issue. Honestly, I either just don't remember folks discussing this issue in the blogs or I have a new issue. I am guessing the former, but here it is.

If I stay under 60 mph, there is nothing wrong with my car. But the second I hit 62, the car starts resisting me to go any faster. It feels like when the limiter kicks in at 92 (uh, so I've heard). The only difference is that if I depress he accelerator to the floor it will burst forward in spurts but the fighting gets tougher as I do. I did manage to get it to 65, but here is where issue #2 comes in.

The regen is F*&@ed. If I am going over 60 the regen is causing the car to almost buck when it tries to kick in. And wen I got it up to 65, it was so harsh I was afraid for a minute that the front wheels were actually going to lock up while I was going 60mph. They didn't lock up, so I repeated the experiment. Same issue. This was all on my ride home on Friday from work.

I drove in to work yesterday (as I will today). On my drive in I never had occasion to reach 60. So there was nothing wrong on my drive. I wondered if it was a temporary issue. Then on the ride home I had my one chance and it returned. The same hesitance at 60 and the almost violent regen when going faster that this.

As today is my last day with #269 I am going to drive in again today. I will just be in the right lane a but more that you would normally find me.

I haven't decided what to do about it. I guess I will just call Morristown Mini, so they can inform them of the issue after they come flatbed it away tomorrow. I kind of wish this had happened earlier oddly, because I would be interested to understand what the issue is and how it is resolved.

I can guess. A 100% guess. Either a PEU controller issue, or some kind of malfunctioning speed sensor. There, that was a waste of blog space on a guess. Mostly because I will not ever find out.

Anyone else had a similar issue?

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  1. Hi Michael...as one who drives over 65 mph every day, I can say that I've never experienced this problem with just past 20k miles of driving.

    We're on board for the second year. The first year just flew by and due to my commute, it's a little easier to justify the $$ for second year.