Saturday, November 28, 2009

Hyundai for the holiday's

I dropped off #269 at Morristown on Wed AM to have them look into the charging issue. When I dropped it off they said they would put on the snow tires as well. Apparently they got a shipment from Tire Rack of 30-40 sets of snow tires for the E's and they are eager to have the space back, so if you are waiting, now is the time.

Unfortunately I had originally scheduled to drop off my E on Monday and they had a Mini loaner slotted for me. But because of a work emergency, I had to move it to Wed. No loaners for Wed, so the Enterprise base Hyundai it is. I didn't know that they made cars still with manual windows, but let me assure you. They do. I then got the call that they were flat bedding it to the Mini office and not working Wed for the holiday, so no one will look at it until Monday. So I get to enjoy the Hyundai until they are done. With the comment "but don't worry, Mini is picking up the tab until you get your car back". Believe me, who is paying is not my worry. I REALLY miss #269.

Happy Thanksgiving

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  1. Hey Michael, let me know how you make out with the charging issues when you get it back. I hope they find whatever the cause of it is, it's got to be frustrating as hell not to be able to charge up. I just had my car in for service today. They did the 15,000 mile service and put on the snow tires. I was surprised to see they put new wheels on too. I asked them about it and they said MINI sent them all new sets so they don't have to take the time to take off the rubber. They are putting our current wheels/tires in boxes with our VIN# on the box so you will get your same set back in the spring.