Thursday, November 5, 2009

No Charge last night

So last night I come home and immediately plugged in. I can hear the Clipper Creek box click on, 4 blinks on the dash, and I hear the PEU in the MINI-E click off. No change in lights on the CC box.

Push the stop button on the CC , unplug, 5 secs, plug in.....same

Rinse, repeat.... After 3 try's, with no error lights anywhere, I decide to test the low voltage theory. If that is it, in theory it should kick in later.

Well I came down this morning and nothing. Luckily I use less that 50% a day so I could get to work today. This is what I was experiencing originally, I would connect the car, just go inside as all seems well, it would click off and when I come down in the morning, nothing.

I am now convinced this has to be an AC Propulsion thing. I can hear the PEU click off when the dash light goes out.



  1. Michael

    I don't think it will restart by itself, only the Clipper Creek box does that.

    But if I wait for a couple minutes and plug in again it almost always restarts fine for me.

    Yeah, they HAVE to fix this.

    Mini? Are you listening? I know you are out there. These intermittent problems are the hardest things to fix AND the biggest risk for causing unhappy customers. Mini? Are you listening? You need to fly a Flying Doctor to Michael's house maybe. Mini? Mini?

  2. Michael, I have #413 down in Princeton....I have had identical symptoms....get home, plug in to the wall box....4 flashes on the dash then a couple of clicks under the hood and nothing further. For kicks I tried to charge the next morning after the car sat overnight and it charged just fine then. I took the car in for service and they took it up to HQ and was told it was perfect. Plugged it in last the next day and have the same issue. I've been away so I haven't charged since last week. I too am getting concerned about this problem.