Monday, December 14, 2009

Help is on the way

I got a call from Mini today assuring me that I will get another call in a few days to schedule the home visit. I am anxious to see the results of this as I still think the problem is almost entirely in the PEU. I am not as ambitious as many in terms of home diagnostics, but I do think I have a pattern that is very repeatable and defeats most theories, including some of my past ones.

drive home from Manhattan to S.Orange and plug in = FAILURE in less than 7 secs
let the car sit for 30+ minutes and repeat. 100% success.

The only thing I can think of that would change in this workaround is wither the battery temp or the PEU perception of the battery temp. Or something relating to the charging preparedness of the batteries (I am sure there are several variable at play).

Letting the car sit idle for 30 minutes should have nothing to do with the supply levels coming from the street. It can only have an impact on the car and its readiness to charge.

My $850.02

I still love this car, and hope the lease extension stories are all true (though for closer to 2c that $850)

Anyone in Cali want to trade cars (with Mini arranging the shipping) ? Let's see if the cold is contributing to this issue or not....

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  1. Let me know what your line voltage is when they measure it. Unless they don't come until next week and I get there first.

    I was thinking about your post saying that you almost forgot to put gas in the rental car. Did you ever try to plug it in accidentally? Ha

    Gas stations have started to look like really weird places to me now.